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General News • 2024-02-01

A Premier Workplace Focused on Employee Well-being, Growth, and Success

PKF-CAP, a leading accounting firm in Singapore, is proud to announce its commitment to creating an exceptional workplace that prioritizes the well-being and professional development of its employees. With a unique blend of initiatives, we stand out as an employer of choice in the industry.


At PKF-CAP, we recognize that a thriving workplace begins with the health and happiness of our team members. Our commitment to employee mental well-being is evident through various programs and benefits aimed at fostering a positive and supportive work environment. Understanding the importance of work-life balance, we have implemented a hybrid working model, allowing our staff to achieve greater flexibility in their schedules.


One of the highlights of the PKF-CAP employee experience is the annual staff retreat, providing an opportunity for team building, collaboration, and rejuvenation. In addition to this, regular company gatherings and events offer a platform for employees to connect, celebrate achievements, and build lasting relationships.


PKF-CAP is dedicated to investing in the professional growth of its staff. Employees at all levels are encouraged to attend key industry events, providing exposure to the latest trends and innovations. Furthermore, the company supports continuous learning by sponsoring paid professional certifications, empowering our team to stay ahead in their respective fields.


To promote a healthy lifestyle, PKF-CAP ensures that the well-being of its employees extends beyond the workplace. Weekly fruit deliveries are provided to all staff, promoting a nutritious and energized work environment.


PKF-CAP offers an annual flexi cash allowance, allowing employees to indulge in activities that contribute to their overall well-being. This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting our team members not only professionally but personally as well.


About Us

PKF-CAP is an accounting firm dedicated to providing quality audit, tax, and business advisory to organisations. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and employee well-being. We stand as a leader in the industry, providing exceptional services to clients and creating a vibrant workplace for its team members.

Join PKF-CAP and experience a workplace where your well-being and professional growth are at the forefront. For career opportunities and more information, please visit Careers with PKF Singapore | PKF Singapore.


"In PKF, we find not just colleagues, but a supportive family, where kindness, mentorship, and genuine camaraderie make every day a testament to the power of teamwork and directly nourish an amazing firm culture. "

David Chu - Manager, Audit & Assurance


The heart of our company's success is our unique culture, where team member's ideas are valued, and our shared values drive our collective vision."

Abbie Phang, Assistant Manager, Financial Advisory Services

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