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General News • 2021-08-16

PKF-CAP Tops Employer of Choice Awards

At a time when the labour market is faced with great uncertainty and low employee morale, we are elated to still be recognized as one of the winners of the Human Resources Director Asia (HRD’s) Employer of Choice Award 2021.

As a firm, we remain grounded by our good old-fashioned family values of caring for each other and genuinely listening to our employees, and we have made great strides toward making PKF Singapore an inclusive environment for all our employees. HRD’s research showed that our employees have seen high engagement levels due to our solid communication channels. An overwhelming majority agree that the firm has open and frequent dialogue with staff (92%), practises open communication across all levels (90%) and communicates the desired organisational culture (86%).

The “HRD’s Employer of Choice” award is based a companies’ achievements and initiatives across a range of areas, including leadership, learning and development, wellbeing, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, and recruitment. These areas represent the core facets of HR, as well as the new challenges faced by employers as a result of the pandemic.

Please visit the HRD website for more information on the award. Please visit our careers page to see how you can become part of our team.

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